Spring is finally here! Pressure washing your home, walkways, driveway, decks & patio are things that might be on your to do list. Roof cleaning on North or West faces might be something else you might want to consider to give your roof a longer life, and certainly upgrade its appearance. AAA Professional pressure washing and Roof cleaning does all of these jobs with not only the best equipment and solutions to do the job right, but also with many years of experience to ensure your homes siding and roof faces are in a pressure washing & roof cleaning specialists hands.

My name is Tom Ward, and I am the sole proprietor of AAA Professional pressure washing and roof cleaning.  I bid all work for my business, and I also complete all work for my many customers. I am a long time Green Bay Wi. resident,    with most of my customer base coming from Green Bay, and the surrounding area. These surrounding areas include Appleton, the Fox cities, Door Cty residents, and all of Northeastern Wisconsin.

Free estimates are given to all customers so they can better understand what kind of cost will be incurred for getting their roof cleaned, or to have their vinyl siding and exterior gutters cleaned. Costs to customers are kept very reasonable so they can have roof cleaning and pressure washing maintenance done professionally, and have it done affordably. I appreciate all my customers very much, because I understand they are the ones who allow me to be self employed. I show up on time for all jobs that are to be completed on any certain day. Even bad weather seldom keeps jobs from getting completed. Rain is usually not a factor, as I get pretty wet anyway on most jobs.

In regards to roof cleaning work, please understand that I do not pressure wash roofs. I first put down an eco and pet freindly solution that kills all mold, algae, moss, or lichen that may be feeding on your roof. That solution takes around 20 minutes to complete its function. I then take the solution and dead growths (that are now very loose and easy to remove) off of the roof with a hot water hard rinse. My cleaning machine has a boiler attached, and this heated water is perfect for removing very easily and at a very low pressure, all growths that are no longer alive on your roofs surface. They will not come off by themselves with rain, or even a garden hose. You must get onto the roof and hard rinse it off. Tgis is why the spray and forget products never work. It kills a good portion of the growths, but it sits up on your roof for months, and will eventually start growing again because it has never been removed properly. There is seldom a rain in this area that would be strong enough to remove all the dead growths from your roof. Streaking on roofs is a  black algae issue that needs to be professionally addressed because sprays will not get roofs evenly and universally clean. If even one little area is not cleaned thoroughly,  the streaking will be back everywhere in a matter of a few months. I also now have a stain blocker I can apply for my roof cleaning customers that will keep black streaking away for years to come. It provides an invisible barrier between roofs and the algaes and fungi that want to feed on the limestone in tour shingles. Its an extra cost, but certainly a service worth asking about. Stain blocker is a proven product I have used for some time now. Free estimates are also available for applying this product to your roofs surface.

Thankyou for reading a little about my services. If you are interested in contacting me in regards to pressure washing or roof cleaning services in the Green Bay, or surrounding area, please call me at (920) 412-0032, or use the contact form on this website. Either way I will be glad to get you a free quote first, and we can go from there.

Best regards, Tom at AAA Professional pressure washing and roof cleaning.

A Green Bay Wisconsin based business

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