Our Services

I am a pressure washing, roof cleaning, and window cleaning residential specialist, though the vast majority of my work every year is the pressure washing of vinyl siding, and professionally removing the black streaking and mold from roofs on residential homes with no granular loss to your shingles.  This is done with the best of solutions to loosen molds and algaes from the shingles, then application of a hot water rinse to kill all fungi living on your roof. Roofs are soft-washed at 150 p.s.i.,( a very safe pressure for asphalt shingles) while the pressure washing of vinyl siding is done at 4000 p.s.i.. You do not want to pressure wash roofs. Yet potential customers sometimes are confused because I do use my pressure washer to assist with the rinsing off of solutions from roof. However, pressure is very minimal to not remove granulars from shingles, yet strong enough to rinse all solutions from roof. An experienced roof cleaner can get a molded and black streaked roof looking clean and at the same time restore its functionality once again. Your roof can look new again without replacement and no granular loss to your shingles for pennies on the dollar! No pressure washing, window cleaning, or roof cleaning  job is too big or too small….I welcome all accounts. Please know that I am fully aware it is you, the customer that makes my business work, and allows me to be self employed. For that I am grateful to every customer who calls. The quality of work I do, and the prices I charge reflect my gratitude to all my customers. I have numerous services besides residential pressure washing and residential roof cleaning, which I specialize in.  These sevices include:

  • Residential pressure washing the vinyl siding of homes (metal siding as well)
  • Power washing walkways and driveways (oil on driveway or garage floor) I own a specialized pressure washing tool designed just for this annoying problem of oil stains on driveways.
  • Pressure washing all patio deck types, also gutter cleaning and spider and hornet, bees and wasp spraying.
  • Safely softwashing of roofs with mold, mildew,or black streaking using a hot water machine to help kill all mold, fungi, and lichen that is living on your shingles. Also only mild, eco-friendly solutions used to rid this problem for years to come. Problem areas on roofs almost always turn out looking like new again. Roof cleaning is getting to be a very common request from customers whom want to get rid of unsightly black streaking (usually on North face of home). Problem should not be addressed by anyone whom is not a professional roof cleaner as damaging a roof is not hard to do if you are not experienced.  owning a proper hot water producing machine is vital in roof cleaning in order to help kill mold/fungi. Be sure whom ever you hire is properly insured for roof cleaning. I am fully insured and bonded and own all proper equipment that is required for proper roof cleaning. Having your roof professionally softwashed can be done for pennies on the dollar compared to the high cost of roof replacement. It also makes a huge difference in a homes appearance. As always, FREE QUOTES. AAA Professional roof cleaning is the premier roof cleaning business in the Green Bay and Appleton areas because of the proper solutions/equipment and 18 years of roof cleaning experience brought to every job. No granular loss to your shingles, gauranteed!

+Gutter cleaning and unclogging drain spouts. A problem, that to remedy often includes dealing with heights. AAA Professional (I do all work) can get your drain spouts and gutters flowing again. I also take with me in garbage bags all debri that was clogging your gutters. It is not left behind on your lawn.

  • Window cleaning of all types of windows- interior and exterior, or just exterior.(the cleaning of screens and sills included with all prices.
  • Spider spraying. Many customers request this service for a minimal extra charge with either pressure washing, or window cleaning services.
  • Roof Cleaning to rid black streaking, mold, or mildew. Usually on North side of roof that gets least sun light. (roof restoration)
  • Window cleaning high and difficult glass that is difficult, or dangerous for a non-professional to access.
  • Commercial and industrial accounts for pressure washing services are welcomed. Call today to set up a meeting, and I can fax, or e-mail you a free bid on services requested.
  • Patio deck cleaning is a very common request from customers looking to be rid of green mold that has accumulated on decks surfaces. Hot water pressure washing a must here to be sure and kill all unhealthy mold and algae. Also proper eco-friendly solutions are always used. Patio Decks turn out as if new again. Free quotes as always.

When it comes to Window Cleaning,   “Your Panes are my Pleasure” Our services include professional window cleaning for residential & commercial clients throughout Northeastern Wisconsin, pressure washing, deck cleaning, gutter cleaning and roof cleaning. I have 27 years of experience(18 of owning AAA Professional), and I am fully insured and bonded.   With that much experience, I am able to get the job done efficiently & professionally at a surprisingly low cost to you. The pressure washing of vinyl siding, along with roof cleaning is something I specialize in because of the hot water capability my pressure washer has.  The hot water, with eco-friendly solutions, help so much with removing dirt and debri on vinyl siding that might otherwise not come clean. With roofs, hot water, low pressure washing is invaluable in killing mold and algae(black streaking) that often grows on seldom lit areas of your homes roof. (usually North face). AAA Professional Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning has been serving all of the Green Bay area since 1997. Other areas I will servise including Appleton, oshkosh, and Door County areas.  Roof cleaning is also available to all of the above areas.  Free estimates are always available to all potential customers. Absolutely no obligations when getting free estimate. I appreciate all inquiries. Call today for all pressure washing, roof cleaning, and window cleaning needs at (920) 412-0032 in Green Bay and Door County. Thankyou for taking time to read a little about my business, and I hope to hear from you when you are ready to get started.  I bid all pressure washing, window cleaning and roof cleaning jobs myself. I also perform all work I bid. I have learned over the years that often employees do not always have my businesses, nor customers best interests at heart, so do not hire employees. Thankyou for taking a little time out of your day to read a little about my business.  Sincerely, Tom Ward (owner, operator)  AAA Professional Pressure Washing and Window cleaning.  NOW AVAILABLE: Mobile Pressure Washing. My new pressure washing unit has its own 525 gallon tank filled with soft water I use to service all my customers pressure washing needs. Whether it is vinyl siding, a patio deck, or cleaning a customers roof, this new state of the art pressure washer, along with my years of experience, makes AAA Professional Pressure Washing and Window/Roof Cleaning the right choice for your summer cleaning needs.  FREE estimates. (Owner does all work)  Thankyou ( all roof cleaning is done with a maximum of 150 p.s.i., this is called softwashing a roof which is done after an application of roof resolve is applied. Pressure washing is done with 4000 p.s.i. after an application of profoam+ is applied.) Only when you use the best solutions do you get the best results. Better solutions, superior pressure washers, more experience (22 yrs.) best pricing. Call me at your convenience. Best regards, Tom at AAA Professional. (920) 412-0032. Check us out at the Better Business Bureau AAA Professional Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning carries an A+ rating with the BBB.