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Welcome to AAA Professional Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning. I am a pressure washing specialist. Using pressure to clean such things as vinyl siding, decks, driveways and walkways is absolutely necessary. If a business makes claims of being a safe alternative to power washing, it can mean only one thing. It means toxic bleach in being used by this business. There is no magical solution that can get years of buildup off of siding, decks….. If there were, not only would I be using it, but so would every other pressure washing service! This “magical solution” would be sold out at every Menards, Home Depot, and hardware store in town! The reason why legitimate pressure washing businesses use pressure to clean is that the only alternative is to use toxic chemicals like either pool shock or chloride  bleach. Either one of these chemicals is very capable of killing anything around it including landscaping, pets, or people. There aren’t many businesses that will actually use bleach for exterior cleaning, but I do know that there is one right here in Green  bay WI! I will not name the business outright, but just watch for “exclusive soft-wash system, or “a safe alternative to  power washing”. This company is trying to fool you. We often bid on the same pressure washing project, so I know his pitch well. If there is a situation where he has to come clean (water reservoir on property for instance) on what’s being used to clean rather than simple pressure, he has in the past admitted to using bleach, 2-3%. This is hogwash! It is anywhere from 20-40% straight chloride bleach. He shows customers an eco-friendly solution that he claims will get everything and anything clean without pressure. Then behind your back he is using that solution, but with up to 40% toxic bleach added!! Yes, this will get anything and everything clean with no pressure, but at what cost? The ecosystem around your home now is contaminated and toxic. Also, you being the property’s owner are susceptible to fines up to 50,000.00 per day! I know, it’s not right that the property owner, and not the business owner that gets hit with these fines, but that is the way it’s set up.

If you do not believe this startling fact, then go to, and go to the advertisement page to find the Green bay Wisconsin business that is using toxic bleach. If your curious about the percentage of bleach used per 100 gallons, go to the chemicals page to find the ratio used for each project (different ratio for a roof, for siding, for pools….). I am not telling you all of the truth here so I will get the business he would be getting by misleading customers.  After all, I don’t hire employees, as I do all work myself. I am very busy as I do my jobs safely and professionally, not unsafely and unprofessionally like this business.

I recommend you get at least two estimates for the cleaning project you need done. Include AAA Professional as one bid please. It is free, and I can then show you why my pressure washing techniques are safe, while some others are downright reckless. This business will not last very long. They never do if they use toxic bleach to clean things. They are either sued out of business, or they move to the next town before they are sued out of business. I am a BBB member, and a Christian business directory member. I don’t take much pride in having to tell customers these facts. But the truth is that something or someone is going to die because of these reckless, and irresponsible practices. I have turned this business into the proper agencies (DNR, EPA, and the department of agriculture) and they are presently under investigation. Just remember one very simple fact. If some business claims to clean everything and anything without any pressure, you can bet that toxic bleach or pool shock is going to be used. I’ve been in business since 1996, and am a pressure washing specialist. There is no substituting pressure with a magical formula. Don’t be one of this businesses victims. They are only worried about profit, and never about the safety of their customers. I am in the process now of stopping this injustice before he hurts or kills someone’s landscaping, pet, or toddler. Be careful when searching for a good pressure washer. Do your homework, and get several bids!

Thank you,

Tom Ward at AAA PROFESSIONAL (920)412-0032. Call for a free quote for either pressure washing or roof cleaning. I will never pressure a customer, only their home or deck!😀 Talk soon

My name is Tom Ward and I am the owner and sole proprietor of AAA Professional Pressure Washing and window cleaning, also AAA Professional Roof Cleaning. I am a local business residing in the village of Howard. I provide services for the Green Bay area, and all of the Appleton region. I would like to share with you just a few paragraphs so you know a little about me, and my business. I started AAA Professional Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning back in 1996 after spending several years attending U.W.G.B. where I majored in business administration. Before going to college, I started to earn money out of high school by washing windows and pressure washing houses. I worked very hard for the company I worked for. I worked my way up from just an employee, to a supervisor of a fairly large window cleaning and pressure washing company in just a short time. I grew up on a farm near Green Bay, and hard work was nothing new to me. The owner of the company I worked for liked me, and respected my work ethic, and we got along fine, but I got restless of working and making money for someone else, and I wanted to try going out on my own.

I decided to try going back to school. I enrolled at U.W.G.B.. I majored in business, because I had thoughts of possibly starting my own business at some point. After several years in class rooms, I knew I had a solid foundation on how to run a successful business. I also found I actually enjoyed the work I was doing before, also I would like to work for myself. I had valuable experience in the pressure washing, roof cleaning, and window cleaning fields. So in 1996 I decided to take my business education, along with my numerous years of experience in the pressure washing, roof cleaning and window cleaning fields , and start my own business. I would call it AAA Professional Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning. A separate division of the business would be called AAA Professional Roof Cleaning.

There is a satisfaction I get from working with my hands and seeing something go from dull and drabby looking, to clean and new looking, and being the person responsible for it. I honestly enjoy my job, and I think it shows. I enjoy being self employed, and am fully aware it is my customers who allow me to stat that way. Also, I have learned from my past experiences that having employees is not always a good thing. That is why I purposely keep my business small. I do all my own bidding of jobs, as well as doing all of the work. This way I am never caught in a position where I need to answer to a customer about bad work being done by an employee. Also, I never have to fire a bad employee who does not care if a customer calls back the following year. Unfortunately, that’s the case with several of the larger companies. I do care, because the more repeat customers I have, the more job security I have. Every customer, whether they are a customer of 15 years, or a first time customer, get the best work possible. I treat every customers’ home as if it were my own. I have thrived in the Green Bay area now for 18 years. I know that I owe a lot of my business’s success to my customers who call back year after year. I also look very forward to meeting new customers whom I can help with my pressure washing, roof cleaning, and window cleaning services, and know they will have gotten their money’s worth.

I am a proud member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. I am fully insured and bonded. I enjoy working with my hands, and am good at what I do. All of the services I offer I have years of experience in. I am educated in the field of business and know dependability, good work, and being efficient is what almost every customer wants most. Another thing every customer wants is a fair price for the work they want done. My prices are extremely competitive, and almost always customers are pleasantly surprised at the cost for my services. All customers are welcome to free quotes on any of my services. I can be contacted by phone at (920) 412-0032 in Green Bay and Door County. You may also contact me via on line quote request on this web site. Either way, I would be happy to assist you in any way I can. Ask for a free quote anytime for services that I can provide for you. These include Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning, Roof cleaning and restoration(black streaking, mold removal on residential homes), gutter cleaning, deck cleaning, spider spraying, and driveway cleaning.

I specialize in the hot water power washing of Vinyl siding on residential homes. Ask me for an extremely discounted rate for window washing of exterior windows after vinyl siding cleaning jobs. Windows will get dirty because of dirt and grime built up on siding over time will run down onto glass. I can window wash this off for very little extra. I also specialize in residential roof cleaning. Almost every home in our community that has a north facing roof has some black streaking or mold present. I have soft washed hundreds of roofs on homes for customers in our community that suffered from black streaking or mold on their roof. (almost always on parts of roof that get little sunlight, north face), so you can be sure I can get rid of those annoying and unsightly black streaks on your roof safely with no granular loss to your shingles, and do it at a very affordable price for you.

For those concerned about cleaning shingles on roofs. I safely soft wash the shingle on your roof so there is NO granular loss to the shingle. This is not pressure washing. The only thing missing from your roof will be those annoying black streaks that stand out so prominently, and rob your home of its appeal. Most homes that have a roof facing north will have this problem. Eventually this eye sore (mold) will eat through your shingles and it will need to be replaced. (The mold feeds on the limestone in the shingles.) Call today and get a free est. on fixing this problem. I can remedy this issue professionally for a very reasonable charge. I’ve been cleaning the roofs all around Green Bay for many years. Customers are always very pleased on how new looking their roofs turn out. I am fully insured and bonded. Also I do all work that I Bid. Know that I am always fully aware that it is you, the customer that make my business work. Without your phone calls I could not be self employed.

I am grateful to all my customers. The quality of my work, and my prices reflect my appreciation for their business. I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your day to read a little about myself, and my business, AAA Professional Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning. Also owner of AAA Professional Roof Cleaning. I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Thomas Ward (owner and operator) AAA Professional Pressure Washing and Window Cleaning, and AAA Professional Roof Cleaning. (Available now,, mobile pressure washing) Green Bay, Wisconsin, Appleton Wisconsin, all of Door County. PRESSURE WASHING AND ROOF CLEANING SPECIALIST. Request a free quote below.