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PRESSURE WASHING on the back side of a home in Howard. This customer was surprised at just how dirty her vinyl siding actually was. It can be hard to tell when the vinyl siding is uniformly dirty until it is actually cleaned, just how bad it was. Hot water pressure washing along with my eco-friendly mild solutions will help kill all molds and fungii that is causing the discoloration of your home’s siding. This customers’ vinyl siding looked new again and gave her home curb appeal for a very reasonable cost. As you can see, all exterior gutters and soffets are always cleaned along with siding to be sure every home appears uniformly cleaned.

PRESSURE WASHING & ROOF CLEANING, BEFORE AND AFTER.  This is a picture of black streaking on this customers’ home caused by algae growth that is spread downward by the rain. The eradication of this issue can be complete, long lasting, and at a surprisingly low cost by using hot water at a low pressure(soft wash) along with mild, eco-friendly solutions. The hot water and solutions I use help in killing  all mold, algae and fungii that is growing on your roof, and in time, if not addressed, can cause serious issues with a roof and  may need replacing at some point. This customer hired me to fix the problem growing on his roof and it ended up being a long lasting and complete fix at a low cost. His home looked 100% better from all viewable sides. The customer was extremely pleased with the results. This is just one small area on this homes’ roof that needed to be addressed. The problem of black streaking is almost always on the North face or seldom lit areas a homes’ roof where molds and algae thrive because of lack of sunlight.

BEFORE                                                                     AFTER

I was hired to clean this customers’ vinyl siding. While I was there I saw this lower roof  top. The customer thought the roof was already ruined. I told her I thought I could restore it with a hot water soft wash. She was amazed at how it turned out for little extra cost.  I am a roof cleaning and pressure washing specialist.  Ask for a FREE estimate if your roof may be in need of cleaning.



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