Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing, 2014

Fall is almost upon us so get a jumpstart on those Pressure washing, roof cleaning and window cleaning chores before its suddenly to cold for us to help. Wisconsin is a great place to live, but with the constantly changing weather, its hard on vinyl siding, roofs, and even windows. I am a pressure washing specialist for vinyl siding on residential homes. I also have been specializing in the roof cleaning for such problems as mold or mildew on roofs, but mostly over the years most calls come in to me for the problem of black streaking on the north faces of roofs. I have done much research on this issue and have now had a ton of experience in removing these black streaks that ruin a homes appearance. First, it is caused by the growth of algae and fungi that is feeding on the limestone that is mixed into the shingles of your roof. It is streaking downward because when it rains, the algae and fungi is spread downward leaving a streaked look. As long as it is just an eyesore of black streaks I can relatively easily remove this problem. But if it sits on your roof too long, then the algae and fungi together will eventually form lichen. The problem with lichen is that it has roots, and these roots want to grab ahold of your shingles sand granulars. Once this happens it is almost impossible to remove lichen without taking some of the granulars with it.  So call me soon if you have black streaks on your north facing roof(or any often shaded roof face). Hundreds of others have and I have been able to help almost everyone of them obtain a new looking roof again with very little to no granular loss. One of the misconceptions of roof cleaning is that we pressure wash the roof. NOT SO. I soft wash all roofs by first spraying the roof down with an oxygen rich  solution that is ideal for cleaning shingles. ( this solution is eco-friendly and will not harm plants or animals.) I need to let it sit on the roof for about 15 minutes. Then I turn on the hot water boiler I have on my pressure washer and soft wash, or mildy pressure spray off the solution with the hot water. With the right equipment and know how, it is not that hard or dangerous to do for a true professional roof cleaner. I have been roof cleaning since 1996, and am very experienced at this service profession that really takes alot of experience and know how to do right. Call me today while I can still help you if you do have this problem. Get a free estimate first so you will know what the cost will be. Do not let a roof with streaking or mold sit another winter and get that much worse. Lichen will eventually form on every house with streaks. I know, because I’ve seen this problem damage roofs to the point I could not clean them anymore and knew if they had called me a year or two earlier, that roof could have been saved. It is a problem that about 70% of homes have. Because you are looking at my site I assume you are in need of one of my services. Let me just say this. I have been in business in Green Bay since 1996, and have helped thousands of customers over the years, most of those customers whom still have their home are still customers today. I am proud that I keep customers over the years that appreciate that I am a true professional weather it is for pressure washing services, roof cleaning, window cleaning, gutter cleaning, deck cleaning or any of the many services I provide to customers like you. I show up on time, treat every home, literally, like its my own, and am friendly and dependable. I also am very aware money is tight for most all of us. So I make my prices affordable for the customers so they can call me back when they need a service that I provide and know they can afford to have that service taken care of. I am a Better Business Bureau member with an A+ rating. I am also insured and bonded for all services through state farm insurance. I can provide a certificate of liability for any customer in need of that. I give free estimates for pressure washing, roof cleaning, window cleaning, or for any service you see on this site. I would like to thank you, the potential customers whom read my business discriptions and make my business possible. I know the customers out there are the reason I can be self employed and so I treat each one with respect and give them reasonable and fair prices so they call me back next time. Thankyou so much for your reading the above, and I hope I have explained myself, and my services satisfactorily so will call or request an on-line quote. Free estimates for all services. Better Business Bureau member with an A+ rating. Please know I am a professional pressure washing and roof cleaning specialist that also has much experience over 28 years, and am very qualified for other services available on this site. Thankyou, and best regards. Tom Ward,  AAA Professional. (920) 412-0032 (Owner bids and does all work!) Servicing the Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, Fox Cities, Door County, and all of Northeastern Wisconsin.

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