Fall Cleaning head start!

Hi, I’m Tom with AAA Professional Pressure Washing, Roof and Window Cleaning. Fall is right around the corner, so get a head start on your fall cleaning chores by first getting your home professionally pressure washed for a very fair price. when your siding is professionally cleaned by AAA Professional Pressure Washing, the solutions I use will definately keep your home clean longer because the pro-foam plus I use on all siding will keep mold, dirt and mildew from reappearing on your siding for several years. Do you have high peaks on your home and heights are an issue for you. Not a problem. I have an assortment of ladders that will reach all peaks you may have. I also Have many years to handle high peaks safely. I am the sole proprietor of my business, so you can be sure that I will bid, and do all work for you. I am not a very large pressure washing business like a Green Bay pressure washing that has numerous employees, which is fine, but will you get a apprentice employee to work on your home. I have heard stories like this over the years with different larger pressure washing businesses, and customers ussually are not pleased with results. Busy seasons for such larger companies create problems because they need to hire more employees to handle work load. I will not take on more than I can handle. I can handle 2 homes a day comfortably, and if I can help you, I certainly will. Also, If my scheduled out for 2 weeks, I will let you know that too if you want it done immediately. I am always upfront with my customers, and I know that they appreciate that. Most of my pressure washing business believe it or not is from word of mouth. I recently pressure washed a lady police officers home, and I ended up also doing several other co-workers and neighbors homes as well. If you do a good job for the people, they will pass that on. That goes for window cleaning work as well. Roof cleaning, or roof restoration (soft washing black streaking from the north face of roofs) is becoming one of the focuses of my business because it is such a prominent problem in Green Bay because of the sun angles here in Wisconsin ussually does not allow for alot of sunlight on the north faces of roofs. Algae and fungi then grow on the upper shingles, and the rain takes that algae and fungus and spreads it downward, leaving a streaking appearance. I have all the right solutions and tools to remedy this situation rather simply and safely. Experience is important in removing these streaks, and I have many years of softwashing off this eyesore of a problem thats on probably 60% of the homes I see daily. I am a member of the roof cleaners association, and have referances to verify that I can roof clean(soft washing) your homes north face, and leave it streak free for years to come, and NO granular loss to your shingles. I also have been window cleaning for many of my customers for many years and always look forward to their calls each and every year. Deck cleaning, taking oil stains off of driveways , gutter cleaning, and any and all pressure washing needs you may have, I can take care of for you at the very best prices in town.  I am a proud Christian and you can find my ads in the Christian directly. I am also a member of the better business bureau with an A+ rating.  Free estimates are gladly given to all whom call, and I do all my jobs myself. I really hope you liked the information I have given you about my pressure washing, roof cleaning, and window cleaning services, and hope you choose AAA Professional Pressure Washing and Roof/window cleaning for your cleaning needs this year. Even if your roof is just starting to get some streaking on it. I recommend you at least have me look at it, and I can advise on what the best solution would be for you. I have many referances that can tell you these streaks can be safely removed for a very reasonable price. The earlier we catch this problem, the cheaper and easier it will be to remove. Remember, the problem when algae and fungus get together on your roof, together they form lichen, which has roots. These roots grab ahold of the granulars in your shingles, and will not let go no matter what you do with it. Roof replacement at that point is a real possibility. Please, catch it early, call for a free estimate, and I am sure I can rid your roof of this unsightly problem we have here in Wisconsin because of lack of sunlight to the north. I am a residential pressure washing, residential window cleaning, and residential roof cleaning specialist in the Green Bay, Appleton, and all of Northeastern Wisconsin area. I am fully insured and bonded. I will wait to here from you. Leave an on-line request, or call directly at (920) 412-0032. Best regards, Tom Ward  AAA Professional Pressure Washing, roof cleaning, and window cleaning. 20+ years of experience in all categories I service.

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